Budget Costing

The third step towards your new home is to determine the cost. The cost of a new home includes more than just the construction of the home and the cost of the land. There are many other costs, included in three main areas:  design and engineering, site and servicing, and soft costs. As a design-builder, building over a wide geographic area, Bouma Builders knows the total costs associated with constructing your new home.  Bouma reviews your requirements and provides an accurate and honest Project Budget. To provide an accurate budget of your home, Bouma will take great strides to ensure all costs are included in your contract, as to avoid surprises throughout the build.

Through the initial meetings many questions will be asked:

  • Will you want granite in your kitchen?
  • Will you be upgrading your trim package?
  • Vinyl windows, or wood windows?
  • What products will be used on the exterior? Stone or brick, wood/cement/vinyl siding?

The answers to these questions will provide us with the accurate information we need so your allowance budget STAYS on budget.

Still not sure if building a new home is for you? Concerned about time requirements for choosing allowance items such as cabinets, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures? Please view our ‘Building Process’ and enjoy the steps Bouma Builders has taken to make sure your home building experience is both enjoyable and efficient.


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