Building Process

Once you have decided to use Bouma Builders as your custom home builder, the next step will be making the product choices for your home.

Customers are given schedules that give them an overview of who they need to see and when they need to make decisions. This is to ensure the flow of the project and most importantly, that the closing date is met on time. To assist in these product choices, Bouma Builders has set up a builder chain of trusted names in the building industry. Surrounding you with suppliers and sub trades that we have qualified and have been using for many years allows us to be competitive in price while maintaining a high quality product. To further compliment our builder-chain, we have introduced an online scheduling platform, Buildertrend, which brings together the customer, builder, suppliers, and trades.

We believe in Chatham-Kent that we have a great culture of quality suppliers and trades, and at Bouma Builders we have chosen the best of this group to represent our homes.


The quality of workmanship in our Bouma built house far surpassed our expectations and...

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